Advisory Panel

The Autism Acceptance Project (TAAProject) is a human resource of autistic people and their “allies.”

TAAProject will seek the input of these members regarding the events and materials presented in order to fairly represent the dignity and abilities of autistic people, and the social and ethical issues confronting them today. While we accept that not all members will agree, all input is taken into consideration and a consensus will be sought over decisions on controversial issues, or if TAAProject’s activities require additional input.

TAAProject will continue to rely on and welcome the input of autistic people in all of its endeavours. Below is a list of our growing Advisory Panel which will consist of individuals, we hope, from around the world.

Project Advisory Panel

  • Amanda Baggs, Autistic, Vermont, Autistic Advocate
  • Jennifer B., Ottawa, Scientist
  • Kevin Leitch , UK, Creator of Autism Hub: The Very Best in Autism Blogging
  • Phil Schwarz , Aspergers, V.P. Aspergers Association of New England, board-member-at-large of the Massachusetts chapter Autism Society of America and board member of AutCom (the Autism National Committee)
  • Jamie Gold, Toronto.
  • Andrew Bloomfield , Autistic, Guelph, Ontario
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