Apology by Bonni Bonnie Ventura

Originally posted on It is with deep regret that I tender my resignation today. When I began my work in the field of autism genetic research, I felt very fortunate to be able to pursue my lifelong interest in neuroscience. I hoped to make a substantial contribution to the public health by identifying genetic markers that would enable the …

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Agony by Darby Rose

Pain is something I live with It�s something that torments me day and night I know the problem- I�m just afraid I�ve been here for 2 years And I am doing something about it. But I am afraid Afraid that people won�t understand me, Afraid that I won�t understand them As I ponder, my head begins to burst�

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Acceptance for Acceptors by Andrew Bloomfield

I read the news, that in this world, we fear….. the homeless, the depressed, the different. I am here and I am different: no need to fear me. I hear there is a new friend who has a message: “Accept everyone,” she says. “Accept those of us who are autistic.” I wonder if you will accept what she is telling …

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A letter to TAAP by Barbara Moran

Dear Autism Acceptance Project, (we have kept spacing as author wrote it) My full name is Barbara Frances Moran and I was born on May 29, 1951 in Mitchell SD. My father was born in Armour, South Dakota in 1904. He was Claren Sylvester Moran, the oldest of the three. His dad was a barber (C John Patrick Moran). My …

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