Beyond Words


Beyond Words

Prior to the incorporation of The Autism Acceptance Project, Estée Klar-Wolfond, a curator of art and a mother to an autistic son, organized an exhibition of the work by autistic artist, Jonathan Lerman. Jonathan gained notoriety as an artist and also for his history as a non-verbal autistic individual who gained speech later in life. The exhibition was titled Beyond Words: The Drawings of Jonathan Lerman and you can also find more information here:

In 2006, TAAProject was officially founded and with the assistance of an autistic advisory board and volunteers, we staged a series of lectures and exhibitions at the Al Greene Theatre and The Lonsdale Gallery in downtown Toronto called The Joy of Autism: Redefining Ability and Quality of Life. You can read more essays about our mandate and from participants in the 2006 magazine which is in this website. Media reviews of these exhibitions can also be found here.

The artists who participated and attended the event included: Larry Bissonnette, Brian Henson, Michael Moon, Jonathan Lerman, Barbara Moran and lecturers included Phil Schwarz, Michelle Dawson, Morton Anne Gernsbacher, Laurent Mottron, Ellen Yack, Nehama Baum, Estée Klar-Wolfond, Susan Senator, Valerie Paradiz and her son Elijah Wapner and Jim Sinclair. Jonthan Lerman, Larry Bissonnette and Michael Moon are also featured in the TAAProject video.

In 2007, we expanded the TAAProject website to include submissions directly from autistic people which includes Autspoken – submissions of essays, autobiographies and poetry and we built an online gallery to display cultural work of autistic individuals.

Although our website was hacked in 2011, we have been rebuilding. We believe that maintaining our materials is an important part of autism history. We are happy to bring these photos of our past events to the TAAProject website and look forward to bringing you more events soon.

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