DIFFERENT! by Barbara MacArthur

I am an Asperger’s mum of a son who was diagnosed as profoundly autistic when he was a child. At the time the following thoughts popped into my head, as the medical people looked so solemn:

They told me you were Different – Autistic
I told them I was optimistic
How could they know
I love you so
Because you are – DIFFERENT!

My son is now 52. I will be 80 in November. In retrospect I realised that my dad, who was considered very eccentric (and died in his 90’s) had all the symptoms of autism, though not so severe as my son. I was told by doctors that my son was a ‘write-off’. He could not speak until he was 9 or 10. We have to smile now as he became hooked on computers some years ago and graduated from University in computer science. By the way, none of us ever had MMR jabs.