I am an adult with Aspergers and I really like your website. I love art, maybe I can send you some of my art. I like doing mostly computer art. It is fun and relaxing. I wish more people knew about the good us Aspies can do. Thank you for fighting the good fight to help instead of “curing” us!!Rebecca from Texas, USA

This whole outlook on Autism is like a breath of fresh air for us. Our daughter Alli is severly autistic, and she has brought us so much love and joy in her 17 years. I am not going to pretend that there has not been heartbreak as well, but the process of “acceptance” has allowed us to enjoy all the wonderful things that she contributes to our lives. She is a unique and amazing person and we adore her , just the way she is.Debbie from Fergus Ontario

This a a wonderful project and I’d love to see it spread throughout the world.

My darling boy is autistic, he is loving, happy, energetic, challenging, and fascinated by the world. By accepting his autism, I am able to optimise his environment and work with him to help him learn and grow.Sharon Fennell from Northern Ireland

I am so very tired of the pity party attitude that is so prevelant in the autism community today. My almost 7 yr old daughter was dx 4 years ago, of course I went through the grief and the anger and the “how can I fix this” stage and now I am finally at the acceptance stage and it is the happiest we both have been. She is not broken, she does not need “curing” she is an absolute joy and I honestly feel that I am a better person for having known her. So many parents are stuck in the “look how terrible my life is” and blaming every bad behavior their child exhibits on autism..they are stuck in this vicious cycle that consumes their entire identity…this site and this mission is a breath of fresh air, count me in! 🙂Rhonda – Kira’s mom from USA

You have a fine site, and I wholeheartedly approve of the name of the project.

I have also advocated for acceptance and accommodation for autistics. In my view, we do a disservice to autistic kids and adults by our lowered expectations. As a sometime speculative fiction reader, if aliens landed and acted “autistically”, I wonder whether we would feel they needed curing.

As fine as the project is, I think that we need a sea change in attitude among the general population. Our views about drunk driving and racial discrimination have changed over the years, and we may need to employ similar strategies toward autism. Perhaps your project will be one of the first steps on that road.Jonathan Story from Canada

It is said you must suffer for your art. It is little wonder, then, that we are such powerful producers.Todd from Wisconsin

Congratulations on a wonderful event.Janet MacDougall from Toronto

Congratulations — an important and wonderful event and show.Ruth Adler from Toronto

As I learn daily from autistics, I am putting together how important relationships and connections are. These images and soundscape ware proof of continuing connections and growing relationships.Jon Hagan (again) from Toronto

What you are presenting here is so VERY important. Autistic people get to speak for themselves here through image, text, music and voice (video). Thank you. Please continue to do what you are doing to celebrate more work.Jon Hagan from Toronto

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