Gallery Comment:

Who can define genius? What can measure imagination?Edmund Rufus from Toronto

Gallery Comment:

Beautiful works from wonderful artists! Congrats on this amazing exhibit!Frank and Laurie Gerstein from Toronto

I get this. I get this! Thank you!! This project is one of the most important in autism I’ve EVER seen.Virginia McArthur from Burlington

Thanks for this. I am autistic and approve of your mission statement.Conrad from New York

Bravo on the AutSpoken idea you have on your blog. When will it be up on this website?Mike from North Carolina

This is a wonderful project. I am looking forward as a parent to attending the lectures.Isabelle from Toronto

Thank You for saying what I’ve been saying for a number of years I have 3 children all on the autism spectrum, all gifted. Are my childen Unique, you bet, a tragedy, never in a million years! They are three of the most creative human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My oldest, in fact will be leaving for college in another year to become a camera person. My middle one who has Aspergers, is planning on being the next Isaac Asimov (he could draw sci-fi pictures for hours) and my youngest is a math and computer whiz. My children are not a tragedy, the tragedy is we are living in a society who cannot accept them for who they are.Carla Charter

As a mother of a son who was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 years old, I am very grateful to have found your site. Logan is now 4 years old and non-verbal. He may not speak, but we have a connection that allows us to understand each other. I felt so alone over the years. It seems that so many feel like my son has to conform to their standards and teachings. It seems to me that the world is still trying to put all those with autism in a BOX. Nice and neatly contained and controlled. It gives me hope for humanity when I see others coming together to try and break the molds and view the world in new ways.
Thank You!
Trixie and Logan

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