Special Moments At Camp by Darby Rose

“Wow”, I thought as I held the birthday card in my hand. God does really care about me! I have heard this growing up my whole life, and I have believed it, but today was different. It was just this morning that I doubted how much he cared for me and who my friends were here at camp!

Amazed at the whole situation that just happened I mentally walked through the events of the day. It was an emotional day, but that was nothing different! My friends at the camp dragged me out of the kitchen to do the ritual skipping around the dining hall. Everyone on their birthdays did this since the camp started 70 some odd years before. And here I was with one of my other friends skipping around the dinning hall having so much fun!

But the fun seemed to end there; I was struggling with the whole friendship thing. I wasn’t sure who my friends were and although I had been going to this camp since I was six years old, many of the campers and counselors were no longer going to this camp. I felt a bit alone and wondered how to make new friends. I was worried I was going to scare them away or something because of my social disorder. (Asperger’s Syndrome)

I had 3 main friends at this camp that I was talking with and sharing my concerns about friendships and such with. Although I wanted to consider them as friends, I was still uncertain of their motives. People at this camp can just do things because they are supposed to do it, so really were three people my friends. What about when I went home? I really had no clue!

As I continued to walk through the day I had had, I realized that I just got more bitter about everything. People would wish me a happy birthday (300 people knew because I was skipping around the dining hall when they sang happy birthday) I just wanted to tell them to be quiet because they had no clue how unhappy I was! It was as if they were rubbing it in, although I am still unsure what “it” was!

As I left the kitchen for the night, I went back to my cabin known as �Buckingham Palace�. It sure did not look like the real thing, but it was my sanctuary� my home for the summer and I just wanted to be alone and cry, and pray to God. When I got on the front porch of Buckingham, I noticed someone had tied a yellow ribbon on my door handle and I couldn’t believe how anyone would just put their garbage on my doorknob!

I laughed at myself while I realized how silly that seemed now. When I opened my bedroom door, my mental state changed! Someone had decorated my bedroom with birthday streamers and candy, and flowers and this birthday card in my hand. “Wow!” I thought again! I couldn’t believe what had happened!

God really knew what was on my heart! He really cares about my social life! He did create me as a social being so of course it makes sense! Total sense! I do have this social disorder, but he is helping me through! I looked at the card again; it was signed by Erika, Erin and Morgan!! The exact people I was wondering about!

I couldn’t believe it! God really does care! It totally makes sense though, because God speaks to the Germans in their German dialect, and of course, he’s not going to speak to them in English if they don’t speak English! It’s the same way with me! He is going to speak to me in ways that I understand! Like the flowers and the cards from these friends of mine!

I can’t believe how much this really means to me, I know it seems simple enough, but I always assumed that God didn’t care much about the social aspects of things, but now that I know he does, I have a new found hope�

“What a blessing this all is.” I thought as I fell asleep for the night.