Wandering Mind of An Autistic Girl by Aquarian Girl

Wandering Mind of an Autistic Girl, 2004

My mind wanders like an autistic, but I certainly don’t write like an autistic.
I write like a normal person although I am disabled.
But if people criticize me for my way of expression and the way I write, then they must be disabled!
God gave me, the Autistic Social Butterfly, the ability to communicate.
Thank you!

Autism is Not a Disease, 2006

For those who don’t understand about what autism really means, then I will gladly tell you.
Autism is not a disease; it’s a disorder that people are diagnosed with.
If you see someone not speaking or flapping their hands, that’s a sign.
If you see someone repeat something over and over again, that’s a sign.
If see someone following the same routine, that’s a sign.
How do I know from experience?
I know because I have the disorder called autism.
Please ask me anything, and I’ll help you to understand that autism is not a disease.

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